The Archery Club in its current form was established in the early 1980’s as a junior club based in Stromness Academy. This club became Garson Archers in the late 1980’s with both senior and junior members growing in size and popularity during the 1990’s. A second club was started in Kirkwall to open up the sport to more people.

A recent lottery grant has allowed the club to develop some members as trainers and this has meant we can take archery to other communities in Orkney to do demonstrations and ‘Come and Try’ sessions. It has also allowed us to start up a junior section. In fact, this has proved so popular that we are considering starting a junior club.

Orkney has been represented at every Archery competition at the Island Games, with our first Archery medal being won at the 2003 Games in Guernsey. More success has followed since then with Archery medals being won by the Orkney team at nearly every Island Games since. This certainly gives our youngsters something to aspire to.

Our members regularly compete with some success in events both nationally and internationally. With this experience of competing at big events away from Orkney and also hosting big events in Orkney, for example, the North Atlantic Cup between Orkney, Shetland and Faroe, as well as assistance from one of the best archery tournament organisers in Scotland, we expect to be able to deliver a fine competition from the Outfield at the Pickaquoy Centre, with its excellent facilities.