Orkney Triathlon Club was formed in 1997. More recently it has primarily run as an event organising club because the low numbers of people within Orkney participating in triathlon means that organising triathlon specific training can be problematic in terms of cost and attendance. Despite this our triathletes have been successful nationally and internationally, including at previous Island Games, winning individual and team medals, notably individual gold for Bobby Oag and a team silver for the team at the Bermuda 2013 games, and individual bronze for Bobby Oag in Gotland 2017.

As a club, we organise between 2 and 4 events per year, including a very successful junior triathlon. We expect that, with the continuing rise in interest in triathlon across the world and within Orkney, numbers of participants in all our events will increase to the point where we are able to deliver triathlon specific training sessions and develop our club still further.